History in the making – The most anticipated game 7 EVER!!!

by misterking730

Woah, woah, woah!!! With the Spurs up four with 28 seconds left in game 6 of the NBA finals, last night in Miami, this series was over. The NBA believed that. They began to wheel out the Larry O’Brian trophy, preparing for a fifth San Antonio Spurs championship celebration. The Miami Heat fans believed it. You could hear the Bronx cheers beginning to creep up and people were heading for the doors. I know everyone in San Antonio started throwing more meat on the grill, and popping another cold one, because it was going to be a long night of partying.

Not so fast. This is the NBA. Rudy Tomjonovich told you all never underestimate the heart of a champion. Lebron James, hearing whispers of his previous choked opportunities, and how he doesn’t have the clutch gene that is intertwined in the DNA of past legends, is still a champion. He lifted the city on his back like he’s done since his high school days, to get them back in the game. And then Sugar Ray Allen showed why he’s still the most dangerous deep threat in history, take notes Danny Green. Now, after a long, long, FULL season (what a difference those twenty games make) it fittingly comes down to this. We all get the esteemed pleasure of witnessing one more game in this oh so epic series.

Game 7 is already a classic and they haven’t even tipped off yet. The Spurs prove they deserve to be here. They have given the Miami Heat everything they can handle. In my opinion Greg Popovich will be intermingled in the discussion of the greatest coaching minds of all time. Tim Duncan, the vintage warrior, is drawing everything he’s got left in the tank and literally owning the paint. Tony Parker is playing like an MVP, no doubt about it. Don’t forget Danny Green with the surgically implanted rocket launcher in his right arm. So it should come as no surprise that we find ourselves here, one more game, 48 (or more) minutes for all the marbles.

The stage is set. The lights are on, so grab your popcorn, your drinks, your snacks, and get comfortable because you’re in for a treat. The Spurs are kicking themselves because they let that one slip away. They missed crucial free throws down the stretch that would have sealed the victory. They also gave up two crucial offensive rebounds, both leading to HUGE three pointers, so they are going to come out even more focused and ready to redeem themselves.

Miami escaped game six by the skin of their teeth, so they aren’t taking anything for granted. The Miami heat crowd will be rocking as usual. Expect American Airlines arena to be super loud, from the time Julia Dale wows us with her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, to the final buzzer, because this one is going to the wire.

This is one for the ages. The old guard is making way for the new. This is one more step for Lebron James in his climb to the top of Mount Olympus, to take his place among the other gods. Tim Duncan knows his days are numbered, but like the other legends before him, pride keeps him going. He wants this one more than the four previous conquests, and it shows on his usually emotionless face. Hollywood couldn’t write a better storyline. You couldn’t make this up of you tried. Buckle up, it’s going to be one helluva ride!